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I wish it weren’t Monday

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Who gets the ball?

Yesterday the girls and I had a great day.

It started with a meetup at a new dog park.  It was huge!  The benefits of land out in the country I suppose.  We met a couple other dog owners (plus all the dogs that were there anyway).  The girls had sooooo much fun!  They chased each other, they tried to wrestle a bit too.  Of course they tracked all over that place just to see what they could smell.  Then there was the mud pit.  All last week our area had a ton of rain, so in this low spot was a good sized mud/water pit.  Bella loved it!  She ran through it, laid in it, and rolled all over the place.  She and Daisy would be running and Daisy would stop right on the edge.  I think she knew she’d get a bath if she kept running and got dirty.  Bella also met this cute Italian greyhound she kept trying to chase.  If was funny and a bit sad.  There was no way she could keep up but she kept trying!

We were all tired and come home to take a nap when we got home. Our evening dog park run was cut short by rain showers, but the girls did some play time with a couple puppies.  The girls are so good with the young ones.

Then came my busy night. I made my first frosty paws treats, which the girls haven’t tried yet. They are a mixture of unsweetened applesauce, vanilla yogurt, and p-nut butter. I also stuffed a couple kongs for Daisy will wellness core fish. Bella had her chicken boiled, deboned, minced, and mixed with some boiled egg.  Her meds right now have decreased her appetite so it has to be something really good to make her want to eat.

Last night Bella even chewed on a bully stick for a while, just like a real dog! I think that Prozac (Reconcile) is taking over her brain.

Daisy is doing ok in her new alcove instead of her crate. I’ve been putting her there anytime she won’t be left alone too long. When she has a bout of nausea, she tries to eat anything in sight, which is how she ended up with a bowel obstruction and emergency surgery.  Right now during the day, I still put her in her crate.  Plus, the pest control guys came today she she had to be crated no matter what.

This evening we went a little early to the dog park and they had fun. there was a 4 month old cute puppy that just followed them everywhere. It was really cute.  The mosquitoes were horrible, even with it still being hot out. Thank goodness for bug spray.

A video of them “fetching” notice how the ball doesn’t exactly make it back.  LOL


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