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Oh Happy Weekend!

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I like the weekends. They are too short, which many people would agree no matter who you are or your course in life.

Saturday started bright and early with a meetup group at a dog park near me.  I had met all the people there and their dogs.  It was good fun.  There were several other dogs not associated with our group and the dogs had a great time running around.  Daisy and Bella kept checking to make sure there weren’t any critters up in the trees and they did chase the tennis ball a couple of times.  It was a small park, but there was plenty of shade and water for everyone.  The biggest downside was the heat and humidity!

After the park we drove down to a local dog boutique that was giving away free doggie ice cream.  It was cute, shaped into dog bones.  They had big ones and little ones.  Daisy ate hers and Bella’s.  Bella was too freaked out by the new place to focus on anything but getting out the door.  I did see a rhinestone collar that would look fabulous on Bella and I think I’m going to take g-ma over there for Christmas gift shopping!  Daisy did show some interest in a squeaky toy but I think that would annoy me so we’ll skip that idea for now.

We went to the regular dog park in the evening.  The girls had great fun playing with balls and smelling other dogs.

This morning I was a bit lazy. I just took them for a walk, then went out and had bfast then on to grocery shopping. The girls had a couple other walks.  This evening has been filled with thunder so I left Bella here and just took Daisy to the park.  It had rained just a few hours before.  She found a fresh squirrel trail but there was a fence in between where she was and where she needed to be.  So, I opened the gate in btween the park areas and she took off.

Daisy is such a beautiful animal!  Her whole body is tense and focused on her goal.  She looks sooo happy when she has a squirrel up a tree. She bays to let me know where she put them and that she’s ready for me.

Now we are home and it’s storming.  Bella is hiding in her crate curled up and Daisy is standing at the glass doors watching all the action.  She can hear the rain out the front door and keeps running over to listen, trying to figure out what it is.

I’m charging my camera battery to try and get my non existent readers some new pictures and video!


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